• Ice Bucket Challenge

      ALS Challenge

      The ice bucket challenge has become a popular way to raise funds for research for treatment and cure of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). The point of the challenge is to raise awareness and research funding for the ALS Association. However, the ALS Association supports using embryonic stem cells in its research, which conflicts with Catholic teaching. Nonetheless, when accepting a challenge, a person may donate to any charity. Catholics who are asked to take part in the ice bucket challenge may do so but should be mindful to support charities that fund research for ALS that is in line with Catholic teachings, morals and ethics. For further clarification, please see the statement from the National Catholic Bioethics Center.

    • A Prayer for our Nation as we Prepare to Elect our Leaders

      For nine weeks (September 2-November 4, 2014) before Election Day, Priests for Life calls upon believers to participate in the “Election Novena” by saying the following prayer each day:

      O God, we acknowledge you today as Lord,
      Not only of individuals, but of nations and governments.

      We thank you for the privilege
      Of being able to organize ourselves politically
      And of knowing that political loyalty
      Does not have to mean disloyalty to you.

      We thank you for your law,
      Which our Founding Fathers acknowledged
      And recognized as higher than any human law.

      We thank you for the opportunity that this election
      year puts before us,
      To exercise our solemn duty not only to vote,
      But to influence countless others to vote,
      And to vote correctly.

      Lord, we pray that your people may be awakened.
      Let them realize that while politics is not their salvation,
      Their response to you requires that they be politically active.

      Awaken your people to know that they are
      not called to be a sect fleeing the world
      But rather a community of faith renewing the world.

      Awaken them that the same hands lifted up to you in prayer
      Are the hands that pull the lever in the voting booth;
      That the same eyes that read your Word
      Are the eyes that read the names on the ballot,
      And that they do not cease to be Christians
      When they enter the voting booth.

      Awaken your people to a commitment to justice
      To the sanctity of marriage and the family,
      To the dignity of each individual human life,
      And to the truth that human rights begin when human lives begin,
      And not one moment later.

      Lord, we rejoice today
      That we are citizens of your kingdom.

      May that make us all the more committed
      To being faithful citizens on earth.

      We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

    • Christ Renews His Parish
      CRHP invites all St John Men and Ladies to prayerfully consider the upcoming
      Renewal weekends of 
      August 23,24 (Men) and Sept 6,7 (Ladies)

      CRHP invites St John's parishoner's to spend a weekend of praying, relaxing, rethinking priorities and developing friendships with fellow parishioners.  Here are some comments from past retreatants... "When I was invited to a CRHP retreat my first thoughts were this is not for me,  I don't need it; I have better things to do, but afterwards I was glad I attended. I developed new friendships, learned more about my faith,  and found more joy in my life. I highly recommend this retreat for all

      There is no cost and free meals will be provided,  space is limited so sign up now!
      (San Marcos community first, then surrounding parishes will be allowed to fill empty slots.) God bless.

      For more information contact:  
      Dago Rodriguez 830-237-7958
      John Gomez 512-393-7913
      Brigette Basurco 512-665-6948
      The current Team continues the challenge of  preparing themselves through the Holy Spirit to present the weekend for you. Prayers are requested for them as well as the future participants who will respond to Christ’s invitation. Just as Christ shared parables to help others understand, we will share our stories of how God uses daily situations to draw us closer to Him.

      For more information contact:  
      Letty Montemayor - 512-644-0766 or
      Ruben Prado - 512-757-6380                                                                   
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    • Theology of the Body
    • SVDP
    • Retiro Nueva Vida
    • Unaccompanied Minors and how to help

      Thousands of children are fleeing their home countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras due to the lack of economic opportunity and threats to the welfare of their families. For parents, sending their children on this life-threatening journey to the U.S. is viewed as the last remaining option to secure their safety. By the end of September, officials are predicting that up to 90,000 children will have crossed the U.S. border in 2014.

      Catholic Charities across the state of Texas have not lost sight of the fact that these children are young, scared and desperate. Now, more than ever, they need and deserve our protection and support and we have risen to the call to action to care for these children, but we cannot do the work without supporters like you.  Click on the links below to learn more.

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    • Volunteers of the Month
      Alex was born in Ioannina, Greece and immigrated to London, Ontario, Canada in 1954.  Joan was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada and moved to London, Ontario, Canada in 1965. 
      They married in London and have two sons Gary and his wife Dorothea (from Germany), who have two dogs, two cats and a horse named Daunte ;Michael and Ilona (from Ukraine) and one precious, adorable and very smart grand-son, Noah.
      Alex and Joan moved to Texas 20 years ago living in Seguin for about six months and moving to San Marcos on July 1, 1994.  After joining St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church they became active by helping in the Confirmation program for a number of years and Participated in the Charismatic Prayer Group for several years. 
      When Evangelization came to St. John’s with the arrival of Fr. Ernesto Elizondo they became very active with Evangelization, Joan presented at the Retreats and they both actively participated in the Missionary Outreach – faithfully participated in Community with weekly meetings for about 6 years.
      RCIA was a great joy for Joan as she helped and also presented teachings. Joan trained and scheduled Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion and Alex and Joan went on to train and schedule Lectors for several years.
      Joan has been a member of St. John’s Guild since the early years of moving to San Marcos and for about five years has been a member of St. Vincent de Paul.  She also served on the Pastoral Council.  Alex encouraged and helped form the Saturday evening Choir and participated in it for many years.  At this time Alex leads the singing at Noon Mass and Joan helps to ensure there is a Lector ready to do the Readings.
      Joan works part time at Our Lady of Wisdom University Parish which she enjoys very much.
      They both love the Easter Vigil and have participated as Lectors for many years.
      “The best and most important thing about St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church is the opportunity to attend daily Mass and receive the Eucharist which sustains and lifts us up and helps us respond to the love we receive from this Church Community.”
    • Welcome Fr. Wade Russell & Seminarian Jesse Martinez
      It was November 1993 and Wade Russell was a young man of 30 with a head for business who was on his way up. At age 23 he had managed a lumber yard near Dripping Springs, at 26 he was running the warehouse and trucking operations for the  Miller Beer  distributor in  Austin. Now  he was in hi s fourth year  of building his family's own business, a Radio Shack franchise at Canyon Lake.  On Labor Day of that year, he was "knee- boarding" with friends when he was thrown off balance and hit the water head first. He thought at first that he had pulled a muscle in his neck, but after three or four days, the headache didn't go away. Instead, it got worse.  Wade says he had been hiding his condition from his parents, but when they saw him later they were alarmed.  "My Dad noticed that I was dragging my right leg when I walked, and I was running into things because my vision was getting blurry.   I was experiencing a stroke in slow motion." He had a blood clot that covered the entire left side of his brain, and to remove it, the doctors would have to do a craniotomy, which means they would have to open a hole in the top of his head about the size of a softball.  The doctors were blunt about his chances for survival: without the operation, he would
      likely die within 24 to 48 hours. With the surgery, because the clot was so massive, he would have a 25 percent chance of living through it.  "When you draw that close to death, you start playing back your life story, all the good and all the bad. I couldn't sleep the night before surgery; I had a long examination of conscience, a priest anointed me and got to a point where I was at peace with God." "That next morning, my family gathered around my bed, and we all said our goodbyes through tears. That was very tough.  "As they rolled me away, I closed my eyes and told God, I’m yours; do with me whatever you will.' I did ask that if it was my time to come home, that the Lord would grant my family enough grace to deal with my loss."  He was in surgery for 15 hours.  Looking back on this time, Fr. Wade says that it was nothing less than miracle that he is alive today.  After the surgery, he had to learn to walk and talk again. It's taken years for him to get his speaking back so that the words come more readily.  While recovering from his surgery, he went to talk to a priest about a possible vocation.  He mentioned to Fr. Pat Zurek, now bishop of Amarillo, that he was praying about being a priest, but he had $40,000 in medical bills that he had to pay off.  Fr. Pat said “if God is calling you to the priesthood, you’ll be back here once the debts are paid off.”  
      Fr. Wade would go to work with Wal-Mart and word got around quickly that he was interested in the priesthood, so he was nicknamed "Padre" by his co-workers. Fr. Wade moved a dozen times across the country and rose to become the regional transportation manager for a territory that stretched from Hobbs, New Mexico, to Shreveport, Louisiana, encompassing north Texas and southern Oklahoma. Working out of an office south of Ft. Worth, he directed the annual distribution of $1.3 billion in groceries among 130 stores. This included sending trucks out to all parts of the nation to bring in 70 percent of the food that was distributed "The rewards were good, and I was pulling down a six- figure income, but God was always there," Fr. Wade recalls. "Whenever I moved to a new home, I would walk through the house and thank God for all that he had given me. I didn't lose sight that all of it, from the socks in the drawer to the pictures on the wall, was a gift from God."  "I also saw how God was using my experiences at Wal-Mart to build confidence within me. He allowed me to grow at my own pace. I learned how to work with all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, some very stressful. I had considered myself a shy, wallflower type, yet I had to get up and talk before people, at first 20 or 30 workers in an office or a warehouse, then 20 or 30 managers, later groups of 400 or more.  "I discovered that when you are passionate about something, it's real easy to talk about it from your heart, and God will help you."  "God was preparing me for the time I would have served at San Jose parish in Austin, where I delivered my homilies as a deacon before 2,300 people, and in Spanish."  "I am convinced that God uses every experience to prepare you for what he has planned for you."  Even so, working at Wal-Mart presented its spiritual challenges. "I found that I couldn't go to Mass very often because I would be working on Sundays," he says. "So all I had was my prayer life, and that was my lifeline. So I would go home, and I would pray."  Near the end of his career with Wal-Mart, Fr. Wade had paid off all his debts, and was seriously considering forming a production company that would present Christian music and a witness for Christ to young people in their 20s and 30s. It would be an alternative to the night club scene, and would seek to bring young Catholics and others into the Church for more wholesome pursuits on Friday nights.  "My reasoning was that God must want me to be making all this money for some good purpose. If I worked for Wal-Mart for five more years, I could buy the production equipment, even build a studio, and launch this ministry."  That changed one night when he was praying at home, kneeling before the crucifix that now hangs in his office here at St. John's.  "I had this vision of a priest. That priest turned around, and it was me. I knew then that I could not run from the Lord any more. I could not make excuses any longer."  Fr. Wade sent a note to Fr. David Konderia (now pastor of St. Mary's in College Station), who was then director of vocations. That was in 2003. By the next year, Fr. Wade was studying at St. Mary's Seminary in Houston.  "When you are doing the will of God, things just flow," he says. "When we encounter obstacles, that's not God who's doing that. Sometimes the biggest mountains we have to move are those of the ego. It's not easy to get past our own egos sometimes."  Seminary, he says, involved six of the toughest, most challenging years of his life. "But it was good," he says, "I know more of who I am now."  Then in April 2010, barely a month from his ordination date, Fr. Wade was riding a bicycle on a Houston street when he was hit by a car and thrown 50 or 60 feet. He landed on his head, but was wearing a helmet, which saved his life. The green racing helmet, shattered and broken nearly in half, sits on a shelf in his office.  He broke his pelvis and arm, but the worst injury was to his heel, which was nearly pulled off the bottom of his foot.  He stayed in the hospital for 27 days, and underwent seven surgeries that lasted 18 hours. He didn't know whether his foot would have to be amputated or whether he would be able to walk again without a limp or a crutch.  "I refused to give in to despair," Fr. Wade says. "The Lord didn't bring me all this way, especially when for years I felt unworthy of the call, to let some accident - small or large - get in the way. The God that I have always looked for and prayed to has never left my side. He was always there, saying that he believed in me." He was also buoyed by all the people who prayed for him. "I heard from people from distant places who didn't even know my name; they just prayed for the seminarian who had been hit by a car in Houston."  "God heard those prayers and he rained them all back down on me in healing graces. For that I am truly grateful."  From his wheelchair, Kevin Wade Russell, 47, was ordained with the rest of his class at St. William Parish in Round Rock on Saturday, May 29, 2010.  He reported on schedule to St. Thomas Aquinas in College Station in July, and as the summer months have passed, he has laid down his cane and no longer limps.  "I feel so very blessed to be here at this church," he says, "and I have come to serve, giving everything I have back to God."  Rev. Wade Russell was appointed as parochial vicar of St. John the Evangelist Parish in San Marcos, effective July 26, 2014. 
      Story told by Dave Mayes
      This fall, our parish has been asked to help in the education and formation of one of our diocesan seminarians from St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston.  This is a great honor for our parish, for it shows that our parish is indeed a place in which our bishop has entrusted one of his seminarians to learn about priestly ministry.  The parish offers an original and especially valuable contribution to the formation of a future priest.  The parish community should continue to feel that the young man on his way to the priesthood is a living part of itself. (Saint John Paul Ii, Pastores dabo vobis [1992], 68).
      The seminarian assigned to our parish is Jesse Martinez.  He will be with us for nine months as part of an internship called the Pastoral Year.  While here, he will draw up a learning agreement with Fr. Victor Mayorga, our pastor, to insure a fruitful year of learning.  This is a serious internship in which he will earn 12 hours of academic credit.  He is expected to minister to our parish in any way he can, but above all to learn all he can about parish life and ministry.  During this time, Seminarian Jesse will be mentored by Fr. Victor.  However, everyone here at St. John is asked to play a role in his learning experience here.  Please welcome him, introduce yourself to him , and invite him to share in the life of this parish.  He will be arriving the weekend of September 6-7, 2014, and he will be present at all weekend Masses to greet the parish community.  Please let him know who you are and make him feel welcome. Thank you!
      Jesse Martinez originates from the small town of Caldwell, Texas where he grew up as the oldest of two boys. His parents encouraged active participation in his parish church of Saint Mary’s where altar serving and youth group fostered a vocation to the Priesthood. After graduating from High School in 2008, Jesse entered college at Holy Trinity Seminary on the campus of the University of Dallas. He completed his studies in 2012 with a Bachelor in Philosophy. After completing a year of theological studies at Saint Mary’s Seminary in Houston, Jesse transferred in the fall of 2013 to the Josephinum in Columbus, Ohio where he continues his formation toward priesthood for the Diocese of Austin. His six years of studies and service in various ministries have fostered a greater love for Christ and His Church.
    • A Quick Journey Through the Bible
      The Bible is at the heart of everything we do and believe as Catholics. A good Bible study has a way renewing parish life and enriching the faith of parishioners.

      A Quick Journey Through the Bible is a series of eight,  half-hour videos that are complemented by group-discussion questions, color-coded maps and charts, and brief   assignments for home reading and study. This study makes the complexity of the Bible simple through an easy-to-follow narrative approach and an ingenious color-coded Bible Timeline. It is a great way to get the “big picture” of  salvation history. Learn how The Great Adventure Bible Timeline learning system makes Scripture easier to read, understand, and apply to our lives.

      Join your friends, family, colleagues, or neighbors for A Quick Journey Through the Bible at a time and location convenient to you all! If you would like to know how you can start or  participate in a small group bible study, in Spanish or English, we will have an information session from 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. on Thursday, August 7 in Claretian Hall, Area B. For more information contact Anna Hernandez at
      512-353-8969 Ext. 28 or a.hernandez@sanmarcoscatholic.org.

      If you would like to join an English group on Wednesdays at 10:00 a.m., please contact Ignacio & Patricia Martinez at 512-805-0042.
      Un viaje rápido a través de la Biblia
      La Biblia está en el corazón de todo lo que hacemos y creemos como católicos. Un buen estudio bíblico tiene una manera de renovar la vida parroquial y enriquecer la fe de los feligreses.
      El programa de estudio titulado A Quick Journey Through the Bible es una serie de ocho videos de media hora que se   complementan con preguntas de discusión en grupo, mapas codificados por colores y gráficos y breves tareas de lectura  y estudio para hacer en casa. Este estudio simplifica la complejidad de la Biblia a través de un enfoque narrativo  fácil de seguir y una línea de tiempo ingeniosa en color.  Es una gran manera de conseguir el "Panorama" de la historia de la salvación. Aprenda cómo este gran sistema de  aprendizaje hace de las escrituras más fácil de leer, entender y aplicar a nuestras vidas.
      ¡ Únete a tus amigos, familia, colegas o vecinos para participar en un rápido viaje a través de la Biblia en un horario y una ubicación conveniente para todos en el grupo! Si desea saber cómo puede iniciar o participar en un grupo pequeño de estudio bíblico, en español o inglés, tendremos una sesión informativa de 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. el jueves, 7 de agosto en el salón Claretiano, área B. Para obtener más información, póngase en contacto con Anna Hernandez 512-353-8969  ext. 28 o al a.hernandez@sanmarcoscatholic.org
    • Catholic Women's and Men's Conference

      The 2014 Catholic Women's Conference
      This is the thirteenth annual! This year, we invoke our heavenly patrons, Our Blessed Mother Mary, Morning Star who shines as a sign of glorious salvation with Christ; and Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity, a Carmelite nun who longed for everyone to know God's love.

      Sept. 19 & 20, 2014
      Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center 200 E. Market Street, San Antonio, TX

      Click HERE for brochure

      2015 Men's Conference

      Save the date: Saturday, February 21, 2015

      Norris Conference Center
      (at Wonderland of the Americas Mall)
      4522 Fredericksburg Rd, A100
      San Antonio, TX 78201

       Schedule and details coming soon! 

        - See more at: http://www.pilgrimcenterofhope.org/


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    • Facilities Calendar - Contact Juanita Rodriguez at 512-353-8969 Ext. 42 to reserve facilities. All reservations are subject to approval.
    • Prayers for the Sick
      Together let us pray for the sick, especially:    
      Oremos Juntos por los enfermos, especialmente:
      Jose Enriquez, Sr. Adelina Esquivel, Emilio D. Treviño, Alberto Colchado, John U. DeLeon, Victor Briceno, Johnny Garza, Erick Tadeo Martinez, Richard Houser, Jr., Gloria Villanueva, Filberto Guerrero,Carmen Luera, Mike Senegle, Mary Evans, Mike Cantrell,Ruth Chagoya, Maria Yepez, Greg Mendoza, Evelyn May Runge, Josie Mendez, David Adams, Ariana Marie Alvarado, Sophia Alynn Alvarado, Margaret Limon, Nelda Hernandez, Ace Alvarado, Rogelio Nieto, Delia Jimenez, Bertha Ann Hernandez, Rosa Gonzalez, Trine Rodriguez, Terry Cruz, Veronica Dixon,  Hilda Cardenas,  Juanita Garcia, Valerie Rocha, Emma Faith Moreno, Adrew Navarro, Johnny Garcia, Yolanda Garcia, Silvestre Miranda, Gilbert Mendiola, Carlos Emmanuel Evans
    • Pray for Souls
      Please pray for the repose of the souls of:  Ascencion Prado,  Jr., Emzy Garrett, Rodolfo Gaitan & Martha Tijerina, Johnny Ramirez, Julia Hernandez, Dionicia Gonzales, Valentine Garza, and Edward Banda. May the souls of all the faithful departed, through the mercy of God, rest in peace.
    • Catholic Charismatic Renewal
    • Please Pray for Seminarians and Priests
      Jesus, I thank you for your gift of the priesthood to the church.  I pray for all priests and seminarians today, especially;
      All priests that have served here at St. John, all diocesan priests, priests entrusted with the formation of seminarians, priests who are ill, and missionary priests.
      Our father...Hail Mary..Glory be...
      St. John Vianney, patron of priests, pray for us.
    • Heroic Priests
    • Keep us up to date!
      Please fill out this information and drop it in the offertory basket at Mass or send it to the parish office.

      I would like to register in the Parish ____
      I want offering envelopes mailed to me____ 
      I am moving out of Parish _____
      I would like to give online but need help to get started ____
      I have a change of Address/Phone number
      Name:   ________________________
      Phone:  ________________________
      Email:   ________________________
    • English as a Second Language

      This program provides our non-English or limited English-speaking brothers and sisters an opportunity to learn the English language.  The program begins in September.  Registration and evaluations for students will be on Aug. 10, 2014 from 2:00 - 5:00 PM in Claretian Hall, Rooms 11 & 12.  Cost for the book and class is $30.00.  For more information, please contact Juanita Vargas at 512-618-2260. 

      Inglés Como Segunda Idioma
       Inscripciones y evaluaciones para estudiantes serán el 10 de Agosto de 2pm – 5pm, en Claretian Hall cuartos 11 y 12.  Costo por libros y clase $30.00 . Para mas información llame at 512-618-2260.  
    • School Fuel

      Many SMCISD children go home on the weekends with little or no food available to eat.  We help them by providing a sack full of nutritious snacks.  
      * Donate: Our big need is to gather funding for this project. We want to keep it alive! With a donation of $210, a child will receive a sack of food for weekends for the entire school year.  a.  On our website: http://schoolfuelsanmarcos.org/  b.    By mail:  Checks may be written to School Fuel, and mailed to our mail box:  102 Wonder World Dr., Suite 304-120, San Marcos, TX 78666.
       * Help Pack the Sacks: Fill sacks on most Thursdays.   SignUpGenius is ready for YOU to enter times you can work in the Fall 2014 semester. Here's the link: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0D4CA9AC23A1F85-thursday.  The schedule may vary according to the district calendar.  Usually, the first Thursday packing occurs at 9 a.m. and all other Thursdays occur at 6:30 p.m.  Our first packing is September 4 at 9 a.m.  The “happening place” is at 501 S. LBJ in portable building #11.  It is located to the right of the SMCISD District Admin Office.
       * Friday Sack delivery:  After the sacks are packed on Thursdays, we have volunteers to carry the sacks on Friday mornings to the two schools we serve at this time:  Mendez and DeZavala. 
       * Wednesday Food truck delivery:  Food is ordered from Labatt and another order is picked up at HEB.  Delivery dates are August 27, September 25, October 22, November 19, January 7, February 4, March 4, April 1, and May 6.  Help is needed to stock the cabinets when the food is brought in.  The food is delivered between 9 and 11 a.m.
       * Inform us of funding sources: You may know of grants, service organizations, churches, individuals, groups that would be interested in donating to School Fuel.  Please share that information with us!  Again, all funding goes toward the purchase of food!
      For more information, contact Nancy Smith, School Fuel Secretary, at nancy_sue_smith@yahoo.com or 512-557-7740.